You guys are one of the best manual services I’ve called. I knew that there was something wrong with the spring, but I had to get a second opinion. Thank God that I did – that bend in the bar could have been really damaging to our property if it came down. Thanks again ABS Overhead Doors

Christina Appleshire

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I can’t tell you just how happy I am with our new sensor. Thanks for explaining how they work, too. It’s so much easier pulling in at night (I work long shifts!). Now I can just drive in, get out and put my feet up before bed. Perfect service all round.

Sharon Multoon

Thanks for all the help ABC, you were a pleasure to hire as usual. If anyone’s pondering whether or not to book these guys in, DO IT. I’ve used them four times now and they’ve never disappointed me. Their experts are as professional as they are polite and I’ve saved over $400 thanks to their repair work. Thanks! Gary.

Gary Newbridge

Easily one of the best garage door services I’ve ever come across, and I have three stores! Fast, efficient and their low prices are more than enough reason to hire them.

Edwina Anastasi

I always try to take care of the DIY myself, but there are some things that are just beyond me. I ordered one of those cheap spring kits online and couldn’t work out how to fit it. I gave these guys a call and they took care of everything for me on the same day. Thanks very much. Jackson

Jackson Rolst

I recently moved over to the US and the last owners left the garage in a bit of a state (that’s an understatement). I tried getting in, but the door was so heavily jammed that it just wasn’t worth the risk. Turns out that I made the right choice. When Overhead Doors Pro turned up, their repairman checked the cause of the blockage and it was about 200 kilos of belongings that fell forward on to the door. They managed to get it open, take care of the damage and save me from a broken leg in the process. Thanks so much, couldn’t be happier with the level of service.

Peter A Last